Lesotho Housing and Land Development Corporation (LHLDC) is the biggest and most trusted rental accommodation provider in Lesotho. We have over 100 rental apartments in Maseru, all within walking distance to shopping malls, offices, and recreational facilities. Our rental apartments are affordable and safe, making them the most suitable choice for any tenant. We take pride in our service delivery and have deployed a team of highly experienced maintenance technicians who are at our tenant’s service daily. We also have a team of professionals in our property management, finance and legal departments who ensure that the administrative functions run smooth.

We encourage and where we can assist in creating vibrant communities where meaningful interactions take place. If you go to Friebel estates on a regular day when kids are not in school, the first thing you will notice is happy kids playing around in a safe and fun environment. Because we understand that homes that are exciting to go back to are worth the trouble, we do everything to give our tenants just that. That is why we have an extended family in our tenants some of whom stay in our estates for decades.


If you are looking beyond just renting space but also building lasting memories, then we are who you are looking for. Welcome to LHLDC estates, as we continue to HOUSE THE NATION, let us house you.

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